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Bed BugBed Bugs (Cimex Lectularius)

The bedbug is a human parasite and feeds on human blood and lives close to its host.

This pest is often not seen but felt by the host until closer inspection shows signs of there presence especially around where the host sleeps or relaxes.
The bug is 4mm long, oval shaped with a flattened body, mouthparts adapted to piercing the skin with a syringe action.

If there is no host available the bedbug can survive for up to a year without a feed laying dormant in the property until new  tenants arrive.  The bedbug is often introduced into a property via personal belongings or furniture from an infected site and will seek a new host, they are predominately nocturnal and most people will not see them during the daytime hours.

Bed Bug BitesThey inflict a painless bite on the host whilst they are feeding and some time after they have finished the anti histamine they inject subsides and the host starts to feel itching of the bite mark, in severe cases this can cause a host to go to hospital for treatment for there wounds as these easily can become infected.

Bedbugs can be found wherever man lives and sleeps, the treatments are intensive to do as these pests can live in electrical sockets, underneath skirting boards, within mattresses and headboards basically anywhere near the host.

They lay a cluster of eggs up to 50 at a time and the female will produce some 500 eggs over a 2 month period so as you can see there numbers can be prolific.  If you find you are getting bites at night you may be a host for this pest, contact us and we can do a free inspection and will be able to tell if your living area is infected with these pests.

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