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Black AntsBlack Ant (Lasius Niger)

Most people will know about this pest when the ants start to swarm, plagues of flying ants can cover windows, doors, patios and infest your building.  The black ant is a common garden pest which can be found in huge numbers.  Prized lawns can be ruined by ants milling the earth and nesting at the base of plant life.

Control methods for this insect are varied but liquid insecticides are best used outside and lure traps/powders/gels for indoor use.  Black ant colonies can be found burrowing into buildings soft points around brick mortar patio joins and creepers growing up the side of a building.  The black ants feed on aphids found on plant life so if you have any creeping plants growing up the side of your building you may find the ants are crawling all over this plant in search of aphids and this is an easy way for the ants to get into your building.

Black AntThe ants will leave scented trails for their colleagues to follow and this is often why you see extended lines of marching ants going from the nest site to a food source.  It is important to have good housekeeping and hygiene to help control an ant infestation as any food spillages will attract the ants.

Ants belong to a social insect order and have evolved good intelligence, this makes them highly effective at developing to their environment.  If you have an ant infestation there are many species so call for a free survey to identify your pest and control methods needed.

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