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Brown RatBrown Rat

The rat invokes a fear in man which has led to many a horror story being told, although there is an element of truth in some of these stories.

The brown rat can be found native through out the UK and tends to be heavily populated when living close to man in urban cities and towns.
The rat attains sexual maturity early in life and the new born are dependent upon the mother, rats therefore have well developed nests with the new born being weaned after 3 - 4 weeks.

Brown Rat LittersThe litter size does vary but an average litter size is 8 with approximately 6 litters per annum. Again rats have well developed front incisors for breaking down food sources, but these teeth keep growing and rats have to gnaw to keep these teeth from becoming to big and this creates a lot of damage especially when in a property.

Rats carry a disease which can be passed to man called Leptospirosis otherwise known as Weils (pronounced Vi - ells) disease and this has proven to be fatal to men who have come into contact with rats.  This disease is passed to man via the rat’s urine so protection is eRat climbing a wallssential when dealing with rats.  It is estimated that one third of the rat population carries this disease and there is no way of knowing which rats do and which rats do not present a threat.

There are a number of ways to control and reduce rat activity in residential and commercial premises with the use of toxic baiting, gassing, trapping and humane methods to name a few.  If you suspect rats are present it is best dealt with in the early stages and control can be achieved quickly, if you leave a rat infestation to develop you will soon become overrun and the damage can be considerable. You have been warned.

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