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hCockroaches (Dictyoptera)

The Cockroach is found active throughout the UK mainland and has proven itself to be a survivalist adapting to it’s environments with relative ease.

In pest control we tend to deal with four main species the German, Oriental, American and yellow banded.  Although we know there are many thousand species of cockroach these four species often pop up in residential and commercial premises.

The German cockroach tends to live in warm, and high humidity locations like kitchens, Laundries and food premises.  They live in small cracks and crevices often near their food source.  These cockroaches have pads on their feet which make them good climbers and they are often found high up on walls.

Oriental CockroachThe Oriental cockroach tends to live at ground level and will survive in cooler temperatures and is often found in basements and underground ducts.

As you can see cockroach activity can be quite different and knowing what species you are encountering helps you to control its activity levels.

Female cockroaches produce an egg (ootheca) and different species produce different numbers of nymphs from these eggs.  By far the most prolific is the german cockroach producing some 35 - 40 nymphs per ootheca .

If these pests are infesting your shop, business premise or home we can treat and control these pests with the use of insecticide dust’s and gel preparations.  The treatments are often quite intense and do and often take some weeks to get good results, but we do win.

Contact us and we can do a free survey for correct pest identification.

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