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PigeonFeral Pigeon (Columbia Livia)

The feral pigeon has become one of mans major pests especially in urban cities through-out the UK.

The damage and risks caused from these pest birds is considerable.  The feral pigeon carries diseases which can be transmitted to man  - Ornithosis, Salmonella, Campyabacter to name a few.

The unsightly mess caused from their fouling and nesting sites have caused many problems for building owners and tenants alike, the fouling can cause slip hazards especially near fire exits and ladders, the mess of feathers, eggshells and associated insect infestation have caused many other problems for people living in close proximity from bird fleas, mealworms, carpet beetles, flies and mites.

Pigeon MessThe pigeon is semi-wild in urban towns and cities and relies on man for much of its food source. The solution is to stop freely feeding the birds in open parks and common ground, keep rubbish secure and maintain good housekeeping environmentally.

If problems still persist we can install proofing to restrict easy access to your building by installing netting, spiking or wire sprung systems to gutters, window ledges, shutter doors, cornices, down pipes, night lamps/lights - just about anything that has a flat ledge or shelf can be a potential nesting site.

Contact us for a free survey and we will discuss any proofing method you may want to install and the benefits of different systems in different locations to suit your needs.

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