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Indian Meal MothFood Beetles / Moths

Many of the insects that fall into this category are beetles or moths and they can cause huge amounts of damage to stored products especially food based.

The first sign of any disturbance is often stock damage and the owner is often unaware that he has unwanted guests, the insects lay their eggs within the food product for their newborn larvae to feed upon once hatched.  Many larvae are often produced and this causes extensive damage quickly to the product.

Biscuit BeetleOn initial inspections we often find hotspots of insect activity within a given area and this helps us to estimate the size of an infestation, we also need to identify the insect so we known its breeding cycles and feeding habits, this will help us to control and destroy any infestation.

The types of insects most commonly found are:

Larder BeetleBeetles

Larder beetles, grain weevils, saw tooth grain beetle, flour beetle, biscuit beetle, yellow meal worm beetle and spider beetles.


Mill moth, Indian meal moth and the tropical warehouse moth.

There are many more insect’s which infest stored produce but those mentioned tend to show up more regularly and appear more wide spread.

Pest Control : MothsThey can be treated with different forms of insecticide and lure traps.

Contact us for a free inspection and give you different solutions to help solve these costly infestations from gaining momentum and destroying your much prized stock.

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