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Glis GlisEdible Dormouse (Glis Glis)

This dormouse has caused quite a stir amongst people who have find themselves being invaded by our friend the glis glis, Introduced by Lord Rothschild in his estate in tring, they escaped and spread locally, being mainly a woodland creature they adapted very well to the British countryside and spread across a few counties.  As the seasons change and the weather gets cooler our friend the glis glis looks to hibernate, yes you guessed it in your home, business premises, lofts, garages just about anywhere were they can find a warm, cozy area to bed down over winter.

The Glis Glis is omnivorous and feed mainly on nuts, Seeds, berries or fruit they have one litter per annum and the litter size can vary but averages about 6. The gestation period is approximately 1 month (30 days) Mating takes place often around June / July  and new born found in August time after the female has weaned her young which takes approximately 6 weeks.

The Glis Glis are very agile and stealthy and can be present in your building without you ever knowing, however quite often especially near mating season the males can become quite noisy and loud in their movements causing people distress especially when they are living within your loft, cavity wall or warehouse. The Glis Glis will mark their territory with a glandular secretion which often causes a strong odour in an area close to where they are living, they will drop their fecal pellets quite randomly producing quite a mess in a short time.

This dormouse is protected by law and if you suspect you have a visiting glis glis, under general licence we can remove them from your property. Call us for correct identification and control methods.

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