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House MouseHouse Mouse (Mus Domesticus)

The common house mouse has developed into a true survivalist amongst its other mammalian counterparts, being a natural food source for many predatory animals, is has now learnt to live and exist with man.

The mouse does pose very real health threats to humans, mice will scavenge for food and nesting materials throughout its waking day. Mice will drop a faecal pellet regularly, it is estimated that a mouse can drop about 80 pellets per day. The mouse will urinate on any object it happens to be on whilst it’s scavenging food or similar and this poses real health threats to man.

Mice can produce a large litter of up to 16 at a time at alarming rates, some 7-8 litters per female per annum and if left for a short period undisturbed can literally overrun a property or premise.

House Mouse CaughtMice have large incisors for piercing and breaking foods and these teeth are continually growing so the mouse has to gnaw to keep the teeth from growing to long, hence mice tend to chew everything in close proximity to their nest site causing permanent damage to properties and belongings.

Mice can pass infections to humans and cause ill health, often from their saliva, faecal droppings or urine. Some of these diseases have proven to be fatal in extreme cases. Two of the more common known diseases are.

Hantaviral Infection

A virus which can induce fatigue, fever, coughing, muscle ache, lung disease and even death in severe cases.


Bacterial virus causing Food poisoning caused from food sources being contaminated from urine, faecal droppings or saliva. Salmonellosis can cause severe ill health.

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