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Pharaohs AntPharaohs Ants

This ant is quit unusual in it is a protein eater and requires good conditions to survive, we tend to find them living in heated areas like boilers, kitchens, Laundries and close to central heating pipes and radiators etc.

The  ants are smaller in size than common garden ants and appear reddish  or sandy colored, the nest’s can have several queens and be extremely large in number, the full life cycle takes approximately 40 - 45 days from egg - pupae - adult and a single female will lay some 300 - 400 eggs in her lifetime often in smaller batches or bundles.

Pharaoh AntA nest will have queens, winged males, sterile females and pupae / eggs and are often not found, the nests are hidden and are often very hard to locate.  The ants leave a scented trial and if this trail gets broken the ants will get confused and reform a new nest site this then spreads the nests and doubles the population very quickly.

A thorough site survey is required to help control this ant and any baiting program and monitoring will be time consuming and require constant observation due to the ant’s habits and size.

If you think you have a pharaohs ant infestation  do not spray treat the area as you may spread this problem further and have more ants to deal with.

Contact us and we can do a free survey for correct pest identification.

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