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WaspCommon Wasp (Vespula Vulgaris)

The wasp is an insect with has struck fear in man and for good reason, due to it’s ability to sting you our friend the wasp has been targeted as a pest and when they decide to live close by they can cause mayhem.

The wasp isn’t really seen until about March - April time when the queen has broke out of her incubation and started to rebuild a new nest site. She will start to produce her first batch of workers (Larvea) and these new workers will be the first of many to service the queen.  The queen must feed and maintain this first batch until they are mature and then the worker’s will start to take over the nest development and feeding of the future eggs produced by their queen. The nest site will continue growing until late September / November time when some of the largest nest may contain up to 20,000 wasp’s.

Knockout PCS in operationWasp’s will not store food stuff for over wintering like other insect such as bees and this is why they last only one season and die off over winter. Many die due to the cold as the season’s change and the nest colonies reduce.

Control methods are best done with high pressured lances with insecticide powder injected into the nest, the insecticide is a contact powder which may take 1-2 days to be fully effective.

Wasp’s can make their nest absolutely anywhere in tree stumps, between branches, hedges, lofts, gutter’s, and shed’s,  often you will see wasps flying in straight lines like two line’s of traffic on a road going back and forth to the nest entrance. This often is the source of the nest area.

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Photo left is a customer's wasps nest being eradicated at the front of a house in the tiles.

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